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Accounting Tips for Commercial Property

As commercial property investors, managing your finances can be one of the most important aspects of ownership. No matter how many buildings you own, you still have to run your business and finances accordingly.


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With the rise of online shopping, the arrival of international brands, climbing rents and challenging economic conditions … some shopping centres (and retail landlords) have started to feel the pinch as these factors affect their bottom line.

Is Retail Disruption Feeding An Industrial Surge?

Let’s explore a little further the disruptive influence of Amazon and eBay upon retailers. And how that is having a huge impact on industrial property.

You Can Turn Your Mortgage into an Asset

DO YOU VIEW your mortgages as liabilities or assets? The way you look at it can actually determine your financial success.

People often think that debt is bad and you should repay your loan as soon as possible. However, the truth is, some debt is good if used to own appreciating assets.

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IF YOU HAVE ever bought something online, you probably haven’t put much thought into the detailed process from purchase to delivery.

The Future for Retail Investment Property

OVER THE PAST few years, you will have observed my caution towards purchasing retail property as a worthwhile investment. This is basically been the case since the global financial crisis – when consumers began tightening their belts.

Income Tax Deductions for Commercial Properties

ARE YOU LOOKING to buy a commercial property?

If you do, remember that you may be entitled to significant income tax deductions. You should claim deductions for outlays you have incurred. Therefore, when you purchase a commercial property such as an office, factory or shop … do not forget to maintained records right from the very start.

The Office Market Crown is Set to Move to Melbourne

SYDNEY HAS traditionally claimed to be the largest office market, with the greatest office space take-up each year.

However, more corporate tenants leased space in Melbourne during the second half of last year, then any other capital city. In fact … 110,000 sqm more space than they actually vacated.