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Under the Hammer: The Epidemic of Underquoting

WHILE REAL ESTATE AGENTS (both commercial and residential) must act fairly and honestly when advertising property, there is no doubt that underquoting is a significant problem -- predominantly in the current Melbourne and Sydney real estate market.

Although the New South Wales Government has recently proposed legislative reforms in order combat this problem, Victoria is yet to follow.

What is Underquoting?

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Have You Sorted Out Your Holiday Reading Yet?


ABOUT TWO WEEKS ago, my latest book was launched on Amazon. And I gave first look at it to everyone who had bought some of my training materials in the past — as well as, to my Inner Circle.

Anyway over the past fortnight, the book reached #1 in its category on the Amazon Best Sellers List for Australia; and made it up to #11 on their US Best Sellers List.

So, it seems to have already gained some traction.

And as well as the book being available in Kindle format for your iPad or Tablet … you can also download it as a PDF version to your computer or laptop, if you prefer.


Therefore, if you would like something entertaining (and informative) to read over your holiday break, this may be just what you’re looking for.

Because, it is totally interactive — providing you with a number of downloads, a whole host of audio material and a series of quizzes along the way.

To find out more, simply go to this webpage for further details.

Happy holiday reading …