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The Office Scene Revisited

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I gave you an overview of the CBD Office scene around Australia. And that explained there was a 2-speed market between Sydney & Melbourne, and the other capital-city CBDs.

Now the Property Council of Australia has come out with its latest Office Market Report — as of June 2016.


It confirms that Sydney and Melbourne are clearly strongest markets — with a vacancy rate of 5.6% for Sydney; and at the top end, a 21.8% vacancy rate for Perth.

Anyway to give you a fuller picture, the PCA Report has also included a number of the fringe Office precincts as well — shown in the chart below.

Bottom Line: It’s now official — Sydney and Melbourne office markets are healthy, and poised to grow further. Whereas, the other capital-city markets still have a fair way to go before they progressively bottom out.

Commercial Vs Residential Property Depreciation

OFTEN INVESTORS considering purchasing an investment property will ask whether a commercial or a residential property will provide them with more deductions in the form of depreciation.

As you'll appreciate, there are many factors an investor needs to be aware of when making their choice between these two investment opportunities. Let's take a look at just some of the differences.

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