Understanding the Commercial Markets

You have seen strong growth and investor activity over the past 12 months; but neither of these have been very consistent — whether you look across the nation, or within each of the Commercial sectors.

Let’s take a quick look at each sector; and also consider the likely impact that further interest rate rises may have on your Investment Strategy.
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Commercial Yields are Firming

Property Investment Research estimates that yields on Retail property have sunk to 5.75%, on Office property 6.75% and on Industrial property 7.5%. And some of the major players are starting to look off shore to satisfy the expectations of the members of the Funds. “Read more”:http://www.his-best.biz/files/CommercialYieldsFirm2.pdf …

In an earlier eBulletin, we also gave you an analysis of how “Commercial yields”:http://www.gal.com.au/rsl/private/show/archive/eb2002-12.html vary over time.