Commercial Property … With a New Look and Feel

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BY NEXT WEEK, everything will appear different!

No, I’m not referring to the Commercial property market. Rather, how it will be presented to you.

Right now, this website is undergoing a total refurb. Very much like one of your investment properties you’ve been holding for a while.

And straight away, you will notice two key differences:

  1. The articles will be presented in a modern “Newsy” format; and
  2. There will also be a wider range of topics covered — by a team of expert guest contributors.

The Rationale?

While I have always tried to cover a fairly broad range of Topics related to Commercial property … it makes a lot more sense to hear it directly from a specialist in those areas.

Therefore, as from next week, you will begin receiving wise counsel from an extensive panel of expert contributors — with an in-depth series of articles, covering some important aspects like …

  • Arranging your Finance
  • Legal matters
  • Due Diligence
  • Tax Depreciation
  • The Valuer’s perspective …

… as well as my regular articles, covering the Commercial property market specifically.

The plan is to provide you with at least three fresh articles EACH week — providing valuable insight on key aspects — designed to assist you with your overall investment plans.

Of course, all the articles will be neatly categorised — so that you can always return to the Website at a later date … and be able to easily find whatever you’re looking for.

Bottom Line: Hopefully, this will quickly become your go-to Website for everything you need, when it comes to Commercial property investing — both now, and in the future.

And by all means, let me know if there are any specific Topics on which you would like to have a guest contributor involved.

That way, I can enlist the help of even more experts down the track.

Until next week …

READ LATER – Download this Article as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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