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Commercial Depreciation and Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is one of the more complex areas of tax legislation. 

While most investors just imagine a large tax bill, it isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ result for every business and commercial property owner. 

So, let’s perhaps explore this in a little more detail.


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Here’s Something You Probably Should Consider!

THIS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY has a fresh 5-year lease to “Simonds Homes” … along with a 6-month Bank Guarantee – plus, it’s also backed by an ASX-listed company.

Why is Everyone Surprised at Our Speedy Recovery?

IF YOU REMEMBER back to last May and June of last year, I explained that the economic decline caused by COVID was quite different from any other recessions.

What we experienced was a Medical Crisis with economic implications. As opposed to a total collapse of the Financial System – as you experienced during the GFC.

Commercial Depreciation Tips to Boost Your Cash Bottom-line

STRUGGLING TO WRAP your head around everything to do with commercial depreciation?  Good thing is that you don’t need to know everything, that’s what the experts like BMT Tax Depreciation are for. The team has shared their top five commercial depreciation tips to help you claim more deductions.  1. Factor Depreciation into your Purchasing decision […]

Retail Sector Still Struggles

ONLINE SHOPPING boomed during the lockdown. However, smaller retail outlets in strip centres and malls are auctually struggling.

How Will COVID Affect CBD Office Vacancy Rates?

IN LATE JANUARY, the Property Council of Australia released its 6-monthly summary of CBD vacancy rates around Australia.

And not surprisingly, there has been an increase across the board – following a slow return of office work, as a result of COVID.

Do You Really Understand The Fundamentals of Commercial Depreciation?

Do You Really Understand The Fundamentals of Commercial Depreciation?

Despite being the only non-cash deduction you have available, many investors are not making the most of the oportinity – or in some cases, not even claiming it at all.

Looking at Commercial Property Post-COVID

CLEARLY THE WINNER throughout 2020 has been warehousing and logistics – due to the massive surgeon online shopping, during the pandemic.

And hopefully, that will eventually flow on to bricks-and-mortar retailing as well.

The other impact of online shopping has been the increased demand for cloud computering and information storage. And in turn, this has seen growth in demand for data centres.