Do You Truly Want to Succeed With Commercial Property?

From a very early age, Chris Lang has always sought to discover whatever the RULES were for each new challenge – so he could find out how to finally master them. And from there, he simply set out to succeed at whatever came his way.

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Claiming Depreciation for an Industrial Warehouse

THERE HAS BEEN a rise in demand for industrial property in recent years, particularly for warehouse storage space. 

This is due to the so-called ‘Amazon effect’ which has resulted in an increase in online retailers requiring the space to store, pack and send orders.


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Likely Impact of the US/China Trade War on Property

ACCORDING TO JP MORGAN, the expected trade war should only shave about 0.07% of Australia’s GDP over the next couple of years.

The Pendulum Has Swung

The Pendulum Has Swung

WHAT AN AMAZING election result … although, I had always felt it would be a lot closer than everyone thought. But many people are now asking how the pollsters could have got it so wrong?

Although, in fact, they weren’t all that far out. Rather, it was the clearly biased media coverage that fanned the Labor fever.

So, How DID the Coalition Win?

Scrapping Can Boost Your Commercial Property Return

COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES are often renewed and transformed to suit the ever-changing needs of their occupants. Scrapping occurs when removed assets and structural elements within a building have a remaining un-deducted value. At the time of removal, as the owner of the asset, you can claim that remaining value as an immediate deduction in that financial year.

A Quick Snapshot of the Commercial Property Market

RECENT RESEARCH conducted by CBRE has confirmed that investors preferred Melbourne over the other capital cities – based upon the strong fundamentals driving rental growth.

What Exactly is a Quantity Surveyor? 

THIS IS A QUESTION often asked by Investors. A Quantity Surveyor (or QS) is a professional who specialises in estimating the value of construction costs and other assets. And Quantity Surveyors may get involved at various stages: prior to construction, during construction and post-construction. 

Can a Commercial Landlord Refuse Consent to Assign a Lease?

THIS OFTEN RAISES IT’S HEAD … whenever the proposed new tenant is felt to have insufficient financial resources.

Australian CBD Office Market

THE PROPERTY COUNCIL of Australia recently released their Office Market Report for the six months ending January 2019.

Both the Sydney and Melbourne markets have been strong performers. Although, most capital cities have also seen improvement in their vacancy rates.