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Do You Really Understand The Fundamentals of Commercial Depreciation?

Do You Really Understand The Fundamentals of Commercial Depreciation?

Despite being the only non-cash deduction you have available, many investors are not making the most of the oportinity – or in some cases, not even claiming it at all.


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Looking at Commercial Property Post-COVID

CLEARLY THE WINNER throughout 2020 has been warehousing and logistics – due to the massive surgeon online shopping, during the pandemic.

And hopefully, that will eventually flow on to bricks-and-mortar retailing as well.

The other impact of online shopping has been the increased demand for cloud computering and information storage. And in turn, this has seen growth in demand for data centres.

Did You Realise You Can Boost Your Commercial Investment Cash Flow through Scrapping?

RENOVATING A COMMERCIAL PROPERTY can have a number of benefits – like increasing value, improving the functionality and attracting new tenants. 

However, commercial property owners and tenants can literally throw away cash when they are renovating. 

Is There Any Logic in NOT Seeking a Commercial Yield For The Property You Purchase?

YOUR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE would probably be: “Why would you?”

However, what if you were planning to occupy the property, once the remaining lease term ends in a year or so? In which case, you might well be prepared to accept a below-market passing yield.

Why Not Take Advantage of Record-breaking Incentives?

THE 2020-21 FEDERAL BUDGET introduced a number of new, temporary measures. The focus is to help boost the Australian economy out of this pandemic-induced recession, drive investment and to create more jobs. 

This budget announced record-breaking incentives that are now available for businesses located Australia wide. 

The Rapid Recovery Should NOT Come as a Surprise

YOU MAY RECALL back in May and July, I foreshadowed a quick recovery would occur – as soon as we emerged from lockdown. You see, what we’ve just been through, is a medical crisis with financial implications. NOT a total financial collapse – like we had during the GFC. As such, “Demand” didn’t disappear … […]

Handy Tool for Commercial Property Owners

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OWNERS juggle so things every day … from negotiations with potential tenants, to tracking income and expenses. 

BMT’s free, easy-to-use MyBMT portal is something every commercial property owner should have in their tool kit – because it allows them to manage their investment and depreciation needs with ease. 

7 Handy Tips You Can Use in Your Next Negotiation

IN ANY NEGOTIATION there will always be times when you need to think on your feet. To help you, here are a few tips you might care to add to your Toolbox.

Tip # 1: Treat Negotiating as a Process