“Do You Truly Want to Succeed With Commercial Property?”


For Investors seeking to Master Commercial Property … you now have a Strategic Advantage over everyone else – also trying to succeed.

From a very early age, Chris Lang has always sought to discover whatever the RULES were for each new challenge – so he could find out how to finally master them.
And from there, he simply set out to succeed at whatever came his way.
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Why Should You Only Be Looking 4 Years Ahead?

YOU HAVE PROBABLY SEEN a number of other software packages out there on the market, which will encourage you to create 7 to 10-year projected cash flows.

In most cases, they have been designed by Techos and NOT by investors. And as a result, they lull you into a false sense of security. Fundamentally, there are two main reasons why I consider them to be laying a trap for even seasoned investors.


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Commercial Property Depreciation FAQs 

GETTING YOUR TAX IN ORDER can be an overwhelming task, but when you have a commercial investment property it can seem even more complex.

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to highlight just how depreciation can help maximise the cash return on a commercial property.

Discover the answers.

Economy Continues to Grow

IN REALITY, the economy is showing solid growth in the metropolitan areas. And there is a flow-on effect into most regional cities – the exception being those areas currently struck by severe drought.

While not buoyant … overall, the fundamentals look fine.

Therefore, we need to steer clear from unwittingly talking ourselves into recession. Because, as soon as confidence returns, consumers will start spending again.

Renting vs Buying Commercial Property

CHOOSING WHETHER to rent or buy commercial property can often be a difficult decision. To help you make the right choice, here are some key considerations. 

The Bushfires Will Provide An Economic Boost

The Bushfires Will Provide An Economic Boost.

RIGHT NOW, there is really nothing that can immediately ease the pain and suffering being felt by all the bushfire victims and emergency service providers.

And yet, the process of restoration and rebuilding may bring some unexpected benefits.

The 7 Key Strategies to Help You Negotiate

EVERYONE NEGOTIATES … and generally, for most of the time!

You see, whether it’s at work or at home, we are all trying to persuade someone to adopt our point of view.

And therefore, I have put together what I’ve found to be the top Negotiating strategies over the past 40 years.

Discover the Depreciation Available Before You Buy

BEFORE PURCHASING a commercial investment property, make sure you crunch the numbers.

The property may be more affordable if the right depreciation is claimed. Savvy investors will usually consider the potential return of the property, surrounding commercial infrastructure along with rental vacancy rates in the immediate area.

However, investors will often fail to consider the financial benefit of claiming depreciation deductions prior to making their purchase.

Why are Fashion Retailers Struggling So Much?

PUT SIMPLY … most retailers have been in “Sale Mode” since the Global Financial Crisis

However, there is a far more significant change going on behind the scenes.