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The G+L December eBulletin

By now you are probably winding down, and getting ready for a well-earned Christmas break.

As you’re aware, the purpose of the postings on this site is to give you quick updates on events affecting you as a Commercial property investor.

However, our regular eBulletins are still designed to give you a more in-depth analysis of Market trends — but on a quarterly basis.

The current eBulletin takes a look at where you are in the Property Cycle; and what it is you need to consider.

You can now go to our main website for the complete picture.

“Will there be another Crash?”:

“If there is to be a Crash … When?”:

“How widespread will the Crash be?”:

Response to the First Mind Bender

It’s good to see that you’re receiving and reading my Blog. And more importantly, thinking laterally!

The two words spoken by the wise man to the Sons were: “Swap horses” (or “Exchange” or “Change horses”.)

You see, it was only the horse that was required to come last. Therefore, by swapping horses, each son was then highly motivated to start the race, and cross the finish line first — on his brother’s horse.

*The Two Winners are …*

Now we have received a number of correct responses.

As Dominic and Richard were the first two correct responses … they receive a FREE place at my “Property Workshop”: planned for Saturday 24 February 2004.

And for those of you intending to come along, _remember_: If you do “register for the Workshop”: before Christmas, you’ll receive a FREE autographed copy of my latest book: “*_How Investing in Commercial Property Really Works_*”.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Stre-e-tch Your Thinking!

One of the questions I seemed to get asked a lot is … _How do we keep coming up with creative ways to package the deals, for the properties we help you (as a client) to acquire?_

As you’ll appreciate, it obviously involves an intimate knowledge of property itself; and having nearly 40 years’ experience probably doesn’t go astray either. But there is more to it than that.

You see, the real secret is in being able to see anomalies and discrepancies within the normal pattern of events. And also, being prepared to “challenge” the accepted (and expected) way of doing things.
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