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March 2007

Archives for March 2007

Special Price for Workshop DVDs extended

Unfortunately, there will always be someone away, whenever these postings are made.

However, given the number of requests form those of you who were away over the past few weeks … I have decided to extend the “early bird” price for the Workshop DVDs until tomorrow night.

So, you can “place your order now”:http://commercialpropertymadeeasy.com/2007/3/5/if-you-missed-the-property-workshop-%E2%80%A6 and read some of the feedback from those who attended the Workshop.

Mind Bender # 4 : Solution

This month’s Mind Bender drew an excellent response — with some 30 of you proposing varying solutions.

Those solutions ranged from …

* Place one bag on the scales at a time, until you discover the lighter one; and
* Put all bags onto the scales, and remove them one at a time for the result; and
* Assuming it is a balancing scale: Put five bags on each side, then remove two at a time to find the lighter bag; through to …
* Simply lift each bag manually to “feel” which bag is lighter, and avoid the need to use the scales at all.
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Remember the Workshop DVDs

For those of you who could not make the February 24 Property Workshop, you can now obtain the day’s proceedings on a complete set of 3 DVDs.

But remember … the “early bird” price only lasts until this Friday!

You might like to “hear some of the feedback”:http://commercialpropertymadeeasy.com/2007/3/5/if-you-missed-the-property-workshop-%E2%80%A6 from those who did attend … as well as “reading about what was actually covered “:http://commercialpropertymadeeasy.com/2007/3/5/if-you-missed-the-property-workshop-%E2%80%A6 on the day.

However, make sure you “don’t miss out”:http://commercialpropertymadeeasy.com/2007/3/5/if-you-missed-the-property-workshop-%E2%80%A6 on the special price.

Rush to Sell Up or Transfer Your Commercial Property Investments into Your Super Fund!

Should you hold, sell, refinance or simply transfer your Commercial property investments into your Super Fund?

You have until 30 June to put up to $1million into your Super Fund tax free. And then, that figure drops to $150,000 from the start of next financial year.

This simple logic is very persuasive — some people would even say a “no-brainer”. But, according to ING, that logic could be misguided and leave you worse off for up to 20 years.

Read the full “G+L eBulletin — Autumn 2007”:http://gal.com.au/x.php?adminid=2&tid=8

Mind Bender # 4 : Balancing Act

In January, I was told the bar had to be raised for February. Well, I did my part, and gave you a worthwhile challenge. But most of you let me down — rather badly!

So, let’s see how you go with this month’s Minder Bender . You’ll find it has just one solution — which is so elegantly simple.

*Here is this month’s challenge …*
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If you missed the Property Workshop …

As it turned out, there were quite a few of you who simply couldn’t make it along to the February 24 Property Workshop.

*However, it was all captured for you live on tape.* And we received some very good feedback – confirming just how worthwhile the Workshop proved to be.
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