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Mind Bender # 9 : The Solution

As you could see from the various responses posted for this Mind Bender … there is clearly more than one way to share the Wine Barrels between the three brothers.

However, the challenge this time was to come up with the solution that was the most elegant in its simplicity.
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Retail Property Activity Continues

As the government spending and tax cuts add to consumer demand, you’ll see the Australian economy continue to grow strongly.
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The Rough and Tumble Marketplace

The recent stock market instability has been more related to investor panic, than to any logic or reason. And you’re not about to see a stock market collapse — which has now been confirmed by Monday’s rebound, following 0.5% rate reduction by the US Federal Reserve.
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What further action by the RBA?

The chances of any further rate rises (by the Reserve Bank of Australia) before the federal election have now diminished, following the recent evidence of wage growth having been contained.
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The Upcoming Federal Election

There has been so much written in the media lately on both political parties. And everyday, you read predictions of a loss by the Coalition, come the election in November/December this year.

However, I recall reading earlier in the year about a study done on elections all around the world, during the past 30 or 40 years. As a result of this study (and despite the present media hype), these various election outcomes have apparently hinged upon three key performance indicators (KPI).
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Mind Bender # 9 : Liquid Assets

A wine merchant dies leaving his three sons …

* Seven Barrels full of wine,
* Seven Barrels half full of wine,
* Seven Barrels completely empty.
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Mind Bender # 8 : The Solution

The responses to this month’s Mind Bender were really quite interesting. And some of them stemmed from making an assumption based upon social bias.
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