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Trying to Make Sense of Things?

There has been much made of the poor US Retail Sales Data for December.

However, the figures were only down 0.4% on November. The most likely explanation being that some early Christmas shopping occurred November; and the increase in gift-card sales will not come through until early in 2008.

Clearly, the Sub-prime issues are having some effect. But, if you follow HS Dent at all — their view is that … “a short, mild recession is indeed likely, and we are arguably already in the middle of it.” (Update: Wednesday 16 January 2008).
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Only Your 3rd Day Back?

Well, here’s some good news on the next Property Workshop!

Following a barrage of emails from those of you who took off the week before Christmas … you will see that the early-bird registration has been extended until the end of January.

However, I suspect the “Full House” sign will be going up before then. Therefore, if you haven’t already reserved your seat … make your decision now — rather than miss out.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


How is the US Really Travelling?

As the New Year opens, there are obviously some concerning signs emerging …

* Housing construction is in decline and is unlikely to improve before mid-2008.
* Write-offs in the sub-prime mortgage area seem to be growing daily.
* Mortgage foreclosures may reach 1.4 million this year – twice that for 2005.

Despite all this, Australia is largely insulated — but will still feel some of the side effects.
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