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Why Should You Invest in Commercial Property?

“This article by BMT Tax Depreciation is important
– because it simply confirms what I’ve conveyed in
a number of previous articles.”
   Chris Lang 

MANY INVESTORS tend to stay within their comfort zone when it comes to investing in property. And typically, this means they merely purchase residential houses and apartments. 

However, investing in commercial property has become more popular in recent times as investors look to diversify their portfolio and seek out affordable alternatives in a tightening residential market.

Unlike residential property, vacancy rates for commercial property are low and this combined with higher returns and depreciation benefits means there are several reasons to consider commercial properties as a potential investment.

We’ve taken a look at some reasons why commercial property is worth adding to your property portfolio. [Read more…]

The Era of Multi-storey Industrial Development

AS INDUSTRIAL land becomes scarce and more expensive, you will begin to see more multi-story warehouses emerge.

The first such major project is about to start in Revesby, in Sydney’s west.

George Potter and Singapore developer Roxy-Pacific are embarking upon a $50 million project of over 8,000 m² – comprising 44 industrial and office units over two floors. Plus, 90 self-storage units at basement level.

It’s being driven by the rising cost and short supply of suitable land close to the Sydney CBD.

Bottom Line: This approach is quite normal throughout Asia – where there are a few suitable sites close to urban areas. And it will become more common here in Australia – with online retailers wanting to have their warehouses close to customers, for speedy delivery.