A Brave New World

Given the recent financial turmoil overseas, there are several questions that seem to be continually surfacing.

Can the world live with a ballooning US trade deficit? Are asset prices currently too high? Does anything good actually come from outsourcing to China and India? How will all that’s going on affect you as a Property investor?

To fully address these questions, you first need consider the change in the way Western companies are now operating.

Historically, you have expected a company to follow a simple process to … design a product; manufacture it; and then, sell that product to the market.

Brave New World
However, in their book “Our Brace New World” … GaveKal Research set out to explore today’s new business model.

This Spring Bulletin has (in part) attempted to summarize sections of a Special Report by FN Arena [April 2006], which helps to interpret this new model for you.

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