Adelaide All Set to Shine

Earlier this week, I returned from a delightful holiday in Adelaide.

And in many respects, South Australia has been the poor relation when compared with the other mainland states.

New South Wales and Victoria have always shown solid momentum over the years. And lately, Queensland and Western Australia have enjoyed sudden wealth through their coal and iron ore exports.

Previous postings have explained how the resourses boom has spurred some extraordinary growth for Commercial property, in both Brisbane and Perth.

However, Commercial property there is now starting to cool — as I had been predicting. While Melbourne and Sydney seem to be quietly still moving ahead.

But now, there’s an emerging opportunity

After all the hype dies down, the “dark horse” for Commercial property may well prove to be Adelaide.

Mining in SAWhile over there, what I discovered is that South Australia has 55 per cent of the world’s Uranium.

You see, Olympic Dam’s 2.2 million tonnes of Uranium makes it 10 times larger than the next largest major deposit in Siberia.

But on top of that … South Australia has the 4th largest Copper, and 5th largest Gold, reserves in the world.

As a result, it has now moved from 36th to fourth place — on the list of the world’s mining jurisdictions. And, its mineral production will increase to $3 billion, by 2014.

So, while things may have peaked for the Brisbane and Perth property markets … just keep an eye on things as they unfold in Adelaide, over the next few years.

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