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MANY OF YOU are now Members and therefore, already receive my Property Briefings podcasts each month. But if you’re not, you can simply join here or by clicking on the orange logo above — because Membership is FREE.

Anyway, I’ve been regularly receiving requests about providing access to transcripts for the various Episodes — which number more than 120 so far.

As you can appreciate, there is a whole range of topics we have covered over the past couple of years.

And while you can listen to them on your iPhone or computer, it seems many listeners would also like to have a printed copy as well — to be there as a quick reference tool.

As a result, the transcription process is underway.

And you are now able to access the first 25 Episodes … which actually amount to over 250 pages of hands-on, use-tomorrow material.

They are available in PDF format for immediate download, by clicking the image on the left.

So, why not grab your copy now?

And let me know if you have any queries …