As a Developer or Investor … What Should You Expect from Your Project Manager?

EVERY CONSTRUCTION or refurbishment project is unique, in its specific requirements and challenges.

Accordingly, each project requires a broad range of skills and experience — which a professional project manager needs to be able to deliver.

So what is it you should be looking for, when appointing a Project Manager?

Below is a checklist covering the skills your project manager needs to bring to the table — thereby, ensuring the successful delivery of your next project.

  • Formulate a comprehensive project brief in consultation with you, as the Client. This brief would involve obtaining valuable input from those handling the marketing of the “end product”.
  • Review in detail the financial feasibility and scope any potential project risks.
  • Outline the range of expertise required to deliver the project on time and within the budget.
  • Identify and appoint of the appropriate consultants.
  • Co-ordinate and manage the various consultants (planners/ architects/engineers etc).
  • Co-ordinate all necessary approvals with Statutory bodies.
  • Manage, co-ordinate and review of all design drawings, specifications and tender documentation.
  • Identify suitable builders to partake in a tender, or direct negotiation.
  • Manage the builder’s appointment, including commercial negotiation and execution of contract.
  • Ongoing co-ordination and management of the builder and your consultant team.
  • Financial and contractual management of the overall project.
  • Continuous progress reports to you and any other stakeholders throughout the project.
  • Manage the project handover, any defects and their rectification. 

Bottom Line: Most importantly, your project manager must be able to deliver the finished project with skill, certainty, professionalism — whilst remaining flexible to the changing needs of the project, at all times.


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