Mind Bender #3 : Answers

A while ago, several people suggested I needed to “raise the bar” a little. And, judging from responses to date … it seems this Mind Bender may have slowed few of them down.

Here are the Answers …
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Mind Bender # 3 : The Versatile No. 7

A few people suggested the last Mind Bender might have been too easy. So, here’s something to mull on over the weekend.

A large part of your success will come from your ability to combine the familiar aspects of what you deal with, in a completely new and more profitable way.
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Australia’s Skills Shortage — Relief in Sight

You would have seen a fair amount of publicity about there being a looming skills shortage. And with the Construction industry, it still remains a dominant concern.

However, a recent survey conducted by Davis Langdon suggests there is a “glimmer of hope, with varying degrees of easing recorded across all trades.”
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Would you Treasure a piece of Ashes’ History?

If you’re a bit of a cricketing fanatic like me … you would have been delighted with the recent 5-Nil result.

And you’ve probably noticed how _Baggygreen_ or _Ninemsn’s Sportshop_ are promoting loads of memorabilia, every time you watch the cricket. Much of it is very commercial, and often related to the three retiring members of the Test team.

However, I’ve just come across something a “little different and rather unique”:https://www.collinsfinearts.com.au/cart/affiliates/jrox.php?id=1.
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Commercial Property Sales for 2006

As you have probably gathered, the demand for Commercial Property last year was strong.

In a recent article in the Financial Review, a report by CB Richard Ellis calculated that a record of $14 billion worth of Office, Retail, Industrial and Hotel property changed hands in Australia in 2006.

The accompanying table will give you a comparative summary of sales activity over the past 10 years.
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US Economy Seems to be Back on Track.

You may not have seen the recent reports … but there was an unexpected jump in new-house construction in December, and an increase in business activity in January. Plus, the US also saw a drop in its dole claims.

Despite these improvements, the full-year 2006 CPI for the US was only 2.5%; compared with last year’s concerning 3.4%.
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Mind Bender #2 : Solution

Thanks for submitting your solutions for the last Mind Bender.

It’s interesting that most people tend to focus upon what is there – rather than what is NOT there – in seeking out a solution. So, it’s good to see that a number of you don’t place such limits on your own thinking.

Some feedback suggested that the words “a” and “the” were missing. And yet, it’s not very difficult to construct a paragraph without them.

However, what is unusual is to have an entire paragraph without ever using the letter “E” – which is the most popular letter in the alphabet.

Anyway, congratulations to those of you who picked it up quickly. And maybe I will have to ‘raise the bar’ going forward.



Mind Bender # 2 : About December

I promised to help stretch your thinking and encourage you to adopt a different approach to things. So, here’s your next challenge.
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The G+L December eBulletin

By now you are probably winding down, and getting ready for a well-earned Christmas break.

As you’re aware, the purpose of the postings on this site is to give you quick updates on events affecting you as a Commercial property investor.

However, our regular eBulletins are still designed to give you a more in-depth analysis of Market trends — but on a quarterly basis.

The current eBulletin takes a look at where you are in the Property Cycle; and what it is you need to consider.

You can now go to our main website for the complete picture.

“Will there be another Crash?”:https://www.gal.com.au/FREE-eBulletins/Current-eBulletins/Thinking-Ahead-3.html

“If there is to be a Crash … When?”:https://www.gal.com.au/FREE-eBulletins/Current-eBulletins/Thinking-Ahead-3.html#when

“How widespread will the Crash be?”:https://www.gal.com.au/FREE-eBulletins/Current-eBulletins/Thinking-Ahead-3.html#spread

Response to the First Mind Bender

It’s good to see that you’re receiving and reading my Blog. And more importantly, thinking laterally!

The two words spoken by the wise man to the Sons were: “Swap horses” (or “Change horses”).

You see, it was only the horse that was required to come last. Therefore, by swapping horses, each son was then highly motivated to start the race, and cross the finish line first — on his brother’s horse.

Stre-e-tch Your Thinking!

Creative thinking is something you can learn – you are not simply born with it.

You see, the real secret is in being able to notice things that simply don’t fit, within the normal pattern of events. And also, being prepared to “challenge” the accepted (and expected) way of doing things.
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