To Caveat … Or Not to Caveat?


BEFORE EVEN beginning to answer this question, you first need to understand what a Caveat involves.

A Caveat is a document, which any person with a legal interest in a Property is able to lodge with the land registry (or titles office).

After registration, a caveat note appears on the Title giving prospective purchasers or financiers notice that a third party might have rights over the property.

The process of preparing, lodging and having a caveat registered with the land registry is quite straight forward. Accordingly, caveats are commonly lodged over properties without obtaining legal advice. [Read more…]

As a Commercial Landlord, How does the Personal Property Securities Act Affect You?

You can now protect your Personaal Property

TO BE HONEST, most investors have little or no idea of the added protection for Landlords, with respect to any personal property you make available to tenants — such as office furniture, or any other equipment.

Many of you would be aware that real property has historically been registered by the land title (or in some states, the registration of the lease). Whereas, personal property has not been registrable.

However with the creation of the Personal Property Securities Register, personal property can now be registered — and therefore, your rights fully protected. [Read more…]