If you missed the Property Workshop …

As it turned out, there were quite a few of you who simply couldn’t make it along to the February 24 Property Workshop.

*However, it was all captured for you live on tape.* And we received some very good feedback – confirming just how worthwhile the Workshop proved to be.

bq. A number of those who attended were more than happy to share their thoughts – because they walked away with a whole host of new and valuable strategies on Commercial Property investment. You might care to read some of their comments.

What they had to say …

“Demystify the whole process of purchasing Commercial Property.”

Tony Feder
– Melbourne


“Very good, I have a much better idea about Commercial Property.”

Peter Johnson
– Canberra

“Before today, I was at the behest of banks – I am now capable of successful deals.”

Chris Lehmann
– Country Victoria
IT Professional


“Great Workshop – I felt Chris was extremely generous to share his knowledge with us. This knowledge is often difficult to acquire.”

Pam Trento
– Melbourne

“Excellent presentation on Commercial Property, both broad introduction and detailed information from a bona-fide ‘giver’ in a band of pretenders.”

Jerome Vagg
– Melbourne
Project Manager


“The book is a good reference to go back later. The seminar had details on certain aspects and was more up to date – very informative and well structured.”

Nav Krishnan
– Melbourne
IT Professional

“Chris always presents insightful & practical tips on property. Same again, today!”

Richard Gellard
– Melbourne
Property Developer


“The negotiation and purchase process (provides) a system to discover what the Vendor’s ‘wants’ are.”

Peter Henery
– Melbourne
Property Investor

“The steps to the acquisition of Commercial Property (provided a) depth of detail … a safeguard against potential mistakes.”

Sean Manning
– Melbourne


“Chris has a vast knowledge of Commercial real estate and is willing to share this knowledge in a very open and honest fashion.”

Paul Lahiff
– Melbourne

“You know your stuff and communicate very well.”

Norman Taralrud-Bay
– Melb
Mortgage Broker


“Better information on the ‘numbers’ of investing in Commercial Property – fantastic.”

Ange Marinakis
– Melbourne
Medical Practitioner

“I have more confidence in moving ahead and investing.”

Susan Balfoort
– Melbourne


“Gives me a much better insight into accessing what I’m looking at.”

Elka Melman
– Belgium

“Great value, captive audience & involved – very relevant to my property enquiries.”

Mile Stojanovski
– Melbourne


“More knowledge and more power (with) the grading system for properties and some negotiating ideas.”

Gaby Hughes
– Sydney
Property Investor

p=. Close.

Even though you weren’t able to join us … you can still enjoy it all on DVD.

Right now, the tape for the whole Workshop is being professionally edited. And it should be available around mid-March … as a set of 3 DVDs.

*The DVDs will sell at $97 for the complete set.*  

However, you can take advantage of a special “early bird” rate of *_only $75_* … PROVIDED you “let us know”:https://myscx.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi?adminid=2&pid=14&quickbuy=1 before Friday 23 March.

bq. As you can appreciate, if you can give us an idea of the number of initial orders upfront … we can then keep the production costs down, and pass on those savings to you.

So, “place your order”:https://myscx.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi?adminid=2&pid=14&quickbuy=1 now. And by the last week in March, you should have the set of DVDs for the entire Workshop in your hands.

But first, some of you may just want to check what was covered at the Workshop itself.

The 3 DVDs will simply give you loads of “inside knowledge” on …

The 9 Key Steps in acquiring Commercial Property:

  • How to Identify and Shortlist the right Properties
  • A quick way to … Assess, Analyse and Compare
  • Pre-valuing your Acquisition for Comfort
  • Negotiating the Deal to your advantage
  • Validating your Purchase
  • How best to Lock-in your Finance
  • Set up your ongoing Tax Benefits
  • Enhance and Maintain your Profit
  • An Insight into truly Effective Marketing


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