Learn About Commercial Property Investing … via a Weekly Podcast

SOME PEOPLE like to read Blogs … while others prefer listening to Podcasts. And then, there are those who simply enjoy both.

Anyway, I have just launched a new website called … Property Briefings.

What it involves is an ongoing series of Podcasts … where each week you will hear me being grilled on everything to do with Commercial property investing.

As you can appreciate, there is going to be a limited number of Inaugural Members — who will all get in for FREE. And so, that’s why I’m letting you know … before the wider public launch.

Last week, I briefed my regular Blog readers and Inner Circle on the new website. Therefore, if you are interested … I wouldn’t delay in going across to Property Briefings to register now.

While you’re awaiting approval, you will able to listen to the first Episode covering:

  • Some initial background.
  • How the 9-Step Investment Formula was born.
  • A brief explanation of what the Formula entails.
  • Debunking several common Commercial Property Myths.
  • Scoping the framework for future Podcasts.

And assuming you do qualify the become a Member, I will then show you how to arrange for the Podcasts to be sent to your iPhone or iPad — every Thursday afternoon.

Look forward to you joining me there …

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