Mind Bender # 13 : Incredible Planning Tool?

Here’s the specification for probably the most incredibly sophisticated planning & communications tool yet invented …

* It’s portable –so light you don’t even notice it your pocket or brief case. Its life is more than one-hundred times greater than the current best re-chargeable power-packs.

* It is extremely durable — if dropped from 50 feet onto concrete it’ll be good as new within a minute or two at the longest. It’s so intuitive that anyone can use it immediately without training.

* You can use it on a plane — even during take off. It uses a remarkable data input method as fast as an experienced qwerty keyboard operator, and yet requires no keyboard skills.

* It handles graphics as easily as text and can even handle 3-D modeling and complicated calculations.

* It is compatible with any paper output, even a bus-ticket or a table napkin, and is universally adaptable to any reader format.

* It is completely wireless, already available all over the world, thanks to a distribution network greater than Microsoft’s; and comes in hundreds of model variants to suit all styles and egos — you can even get gold-plated ones.

* It costs a fraction of a cent per day over its lifetime, and if you lose it, its inherent unbreakable security will leave no trace of confidential files or personal history.

* Replacements are no problem because you can afford to keep a couple spare with you all the time.

Being so close to Christmas, I thought I should give you a rather easy Bender this time.

However, can you tell me … what is this amazing piece of equipment?

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