Mind Bender # 3 : The Versatile No. 7

A few people suggested that last month’s Mind Bender might have been too easy. So, here’s something to mull on over the weekend.

A large part of your success in Commercial property investing will come form your ability to combine the familiar aspects of a deal, in a completely new and more profitable way.

bq. You’re no doubt familiar with the No. 7. And for many people, it is their lucky number. But you probably don’t realise just how versatile it can also be, in creating other numbers as well.

For this month’s Mind Bender, what you need to do is combine _four_ *7s* together (using whatever mathematical symbols you may need) to try to create all the _*whole numbers*_ between 1 and 20.

Let me give you a few examples.

p={font-size: 120%;}. !http://commercialpropertymadeeasy.com/assets/2007/1/16/08Seven2.jpg!

*1 = 77/77*

*2 = 7/7 + 7/7*

*20 = 7/.7 + 7/.7*

Your challenge is to continue combining _four_ *7*s … and try to discover which number it is (between 1 and 20) that cannot be created in this way.

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