Mind Bender # 7 : The Squeeze

As you tackle these challenges each month, you first have to decide whether your approach needs to be Intuitive or Deliberate. And the trick is for you to quickly choose the correct mode of thinking for each one.

Let’s take a look at this month’s challenge …

Just imagine for the moment, that the Earth’s surface has been smoothed over — so that it forms a perfect sphere. And that a thin piece of rope has been snugly tied around the equator.

Now suppose the rope is untied, and an extra 2 metres are added to the total length of the rope — which is then spaced out, so that the gap created (between the rope and the Earth’s surface) is the same all the way round.

The question for you is : How big is that gap?

  1. Could you slide a hair under it?
  2. What about a coin?
  3. Perhaps a paperback book? OR
  4. Could you crawl under it?

In posting your answer below, you will also need to explain how you arrived at your conclusion.

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