Mind Bender # 8 : The Solution

The responses to this month’s Mind Bender were really quite interesting. And some of them stemmed from making an assumption based upon social bias.

Doctor said ? ?You see, a number of you glanced at the picture and thought the Doctor might say something along the lines of: “You look quite slim to me”. And you probably thought to yourself … maybe we have a case of anorexia here.

In fact, the Doctor probably said something along the lines of: “Don’t worry; a lot of men tend to put on weight around your age”.

If you allowed yourself to assume the man was the Doctor, you immediately added an unintended dimension to the puzzle. Sometimes, without even realising , you can often stir up your dormant stereotypes.

And, when it comes to Commercial Property Investment … unless you can free yourself of pre-conceived notions, you’ll find it can be a costly indulgence.

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