Sentiment is Strong … Despite the Economy

Looking Up

Looking Up

These graphs are painting a very encouraging picture.

As you can see, the Westpac-Melbourne Institute consumer sentiment index increased strongly by 9.5% for June.

And that means it has now leapt by some 23% since May — the largest 2-month increase for over 30 years.

First-home buyers have also been active, accounting for nearly 30% of all loans during May.

And this overall level of confidence follows an increase in retail sales, for three months in a row.

Unemployment may have edged up to closer to 6%; but part-time work has also significantly increased.

This would tend to confirm that most employers can see a rebound the head … do not want to completely let go of their staff … and then, have to quickly re-recruit them again.

And also probably explains why the demand for Office space is holding up well.

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