Smart Investor Seminar

Just quickly …

On Saturday 27 August, I have been asked to take the Session on Commercial Property Investing … at this Smart Investor Seminar.

And I simply thought you may have some interest in knowing what’s also being covered at the same time.

This will be an all-day seminar run by Perry Finance — one of the Trusted Advisors that I use for my clients.

Apart from Commercial property, the seminar will also include key topics like …

  • Developing your own Wealth Strategy;
  • How to properly use Debt Structuring;
  • Your Superannuation as an Investment Vehicle;
  • Taking advantage of US Property Opportunities; and
  • Generating Stock Market cash without Speculating.

Just go to their website to learn more details, and find out how to reserve your spot.

Plus, you’ll also be able to download a copy of Jennie Brown’s book: “You’re Property Questions Answered”


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