Stre-e-tch Your Thinking!

Creative thinking is something you can learn – you are not simply born with it.

You see, the real secret is in being able to notice things that simply don’t fit, within the normal pattern of events. And also, being prepared to “challenge” the accepted (and expected) way of doing things.

Are you able to train yourself for that? The answer is: “Yes, you can.”

And I found some of Edward de Bono’s courses to be really good value. However, it is also helpful to tackle a real “Mind Bender” from time to time.

So, here’s your Challenge!

Mind Bender #1: Horse Play

An aging (and apparently eccentric) King wanted to pass his throne to one of his two sons.

So, he decided to hold a horse race between them over just 500 metres, to decide who was the worthiest son. The race had to be concluded within two days; and winner would be the son whose horse came last.

At noon on the second day, the two boys still sat there mounted on their horses. However, the race had not even begun — because neither son wanted his horse to be first across the finish line.

To get things underway, and ensure that the race would be completed in time … a wise man came up to the boys, and gave them just two words of advice.

What did he say to them?

Best of luck.