Workshop Resources

IT WAS REALLY GOOD to have so many at the Workshop. And hopefully, you found the wide range things we covered on the day to be helpful.

As promised, you will find all the various Resource materials set out below ... both the Prep-work beforehand, as well as the Presentation slides.

Anyway, feel free to contact me (on 0425 791 254) if you have any queries at all.

All the very best ...

40-Year Cycles

This short Paper provides you with a quick understanding as to how these Cycles have a major impact on the way your clients and prospects wish to receive material from you.

All you need do is ... RIGHT click here to download the Paper.

Goal-Setting Video

This is the Video to walk you through the simple process of creating your own detailed Set of Goals -- both for your business and personal life in the future.

Simply click here to watch the Video.

Presentation Slides

In this first session: we quickly recapped on the 40-Year Cycles. And then, identified two Opportunities to help you turn your prospects into 5-Star Leads.

Plus, how to put that on Auto-pilot.

Simply RIGHT click here to download the Presentation slides for this session.

Here we explored a simple technique that allows you to embed your key Pro-active tasks into your daily calendar.

And thereby ... dramatically amp up your success rate, by Doubling your Productivity.

Again, just RIGHT click here to download these Presentation slides.

Going Forward ...

After the Workshop, there were quite a number of people who indicated they would like to learn more about How to Write Persuasive Copy -- so you can extract better value from your prospects, plus those within your database.

And so, if you would like to delve deeper into that ... just leave your details below -- to see if something could be arranged in the near future.