Would you Treasure a piece of Ashes’ History?

If you’re a bit of a cricketing fanatic like me … you would have been delighted with the recent 5-Nil result.

And you’ve probably noticed how _Baggygreen_ or _Ninemsn’s Sportshop_ are promoting loads of memorabilia, every time you watch the cricket. Much of it is very commercial, and often related to the three retiring members of the Test team.

However, I’ve just come across something a “little different and rather unique”:https://www.collinsfinearts.com.au/cart/affiliates/jrox.php?id=1.

It’s a limited edition Print of one of the earliest cricket matches between Australia and Wilsher’s Gentlemen (as they were then called) in 1878.
And it was played out in front of Chilham Castle in Kent.

bq. Listen, you may have absolutely no interest in the Print at all. But just have a look … because I found it rather intriguing. And you do get an autographed copy of Roland Perry’s fascinating book *_”The Ashes: A Celebration”_* as part of the deal.

I’ve actually got one of the Prints on the wall in my office; and from what I can gauge, they have been selling well following the Ashes’ success. So, if it is the sort of thing that does appeal to you … I’d be placing your order.

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