Your Office of the Future

Imagine a building that makes oxygen … distils water … produces energy … and changes with the seasons. It’s all possible with the technology we now possess. Yet, in some cases, going “Green” it is simply too cost prohibitive.

However, in Dubai, they now have plans for a completely-revolving, 30-storey Tower — designed by Glen Hawells. And you’ll find that stored solar energy will power the revolving motion.

*Water & Energy are forging your thoughts on going “Green”*

Your perception of Green has been changing quickly over the past few years. And the drought has clearly helped to focus your thinking — with almost everyone being affected by water restrictions and the impact on their gardens.

This new awareness is now starting to filter through into the workplace. Increasingly, your staff members are seeing the advantages of working in an improved environment — which, generally, equates to working in a Green building.

In an era of labour and skills shortage, you now need to focus upon retaining your most productive staff — and that will only grow in importance.

Already, there are some notable achievements around the world.

In London, The Gherkin in London the “Gherkin” is probably the most talked about example of how many of the environmental issues have been addressed — including it’s striking design, to lessen the “wind tunnel” effect on surrounding streets.

But in Melbourne, the City Council’s CH2 building achieved a 6-star rating. It used sustainable materials like — wooden window frames and wooden slats on the Western facade, which move with the angle of the sun. Plus, they used 18-centimetre-thick concrete ceilings to capture heat.

In Adelaide, SA Water’s new headquarters will also have a 6-star rating, on completion in 2008. Apart from what you might usually expect for a Green building … it also collects and stores rain water.

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