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Sample of Upcoming Masterclass Video Material

Key Things to Consider

Ensure You Don’t Spend Too MuchUnderstanding Total Returns4 Year Mandatory Review Commercial Vs Residential Loans

(32 minutes)

Laying the Foundations

Why Commercial Property?How to Find Your Focus?Analysing Your Properties.

Thinking Strategically

Do I Need an Investment Strategy?Which Purchase Vehicle to Adopt?Using Your Super Fund How to Make Sure the Deal Stacks UpAre Selling Yields Always at Market Level?

Making Sense of Everything

Purchase Price Vs Actual ValueTrue Net Operating IncomeCommercial Property Insurance Unpacked Various Negotiating DisruptionsWhen is the Best Time to Buy & Sell?

Negotiating the Best Deal

Fundamental Laws of NegotiatingIf Negotiations Become Bogged DownSecrets for Bidding at Auction

Now You’re Ready to Begin

How to Decide Where to BuyGood Property Vs Great PropertySeveral Ways to Add ValueThe 6 Key Pillars for Success

How to Minimise Your Risks

Your Due DiligenceHow to Check-out Your TenantsWhy Do Properties Sometimes Fail?Why Do Some Negotiations Fail?

Some Key Considerations

Several Negotiating InsightsTips on Arranging your Finance?How to Add Value – Fast

Influencing the Outcome

 What Happens Behind the Scenes Taking Control of the Contract How to Add More Value

Further Special Insights

What is Sale & Leaseback?Commercial Property LendingDepreciation Made SimpleDo You Need a Property Manager?

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