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BEFORE you go across to access the Investor Guide, you may want to consider grabbing your copy of two handy companion Manuals.

165 Common Terms Used by Investors

You’ll quickly discover this will become your go-to reference, whenever you read (or come across) any “jargon” that you don’t fully understand.

It is very much a short-form, layman’s explanation of the various terms used by Investors. Something you can keep at your fingertips for when the need arises.

12 Ways to Add Value – FAST

Presumably, that’s what you would look to do with whatever property you currently own – or decide to purchase.

Most of these are hands-on, use-tomorrow strategies, which are all very easy to implement.

Anyway, you can have both of them right now for just $7.

Wishing you every success with your Investing …

Thanks – but I might pass on this offer