7 Handy Tips to Use During Your Next Negotiation

Handy negotiating tips

WITH EVERY NEGOTIATION, you always need to be thinking on your feet. And here are several simple Tips to help you do just that.

Tip #1: Negotiating is a Process

Most people consider it as an Event – something you should finish in one sitting. But what you need to do, is have people make an Investment (of time and/or money) – because quick deals seldom stick.

Tip #2: Embrace their Objections

In most cases, they are simply saying: “You haven’t yet given me enough information to make a decision”. When you’re not getting any objections … chances are, you won’t be doing a deal.

Tip #3: The Power of the Printed Word

Simply focus your discussion on the commercial terms you’ve already agreed. And allow them to pretend to “study the fine print” if they wish. You’ll find very few people challenge the standard wording on a printed Contract.

Tip #4: Confirm … OK … Approve

Most people have been told never to sign anything before talking with their lawyers. However, the funny thing is: They will happily move straight ahead if you simply ask them to confirm, OK or approve it.

Tip #5: Float “Possibilities”

In a sticky spot, simply say: “If I were to _______, would you be prepared to _________?”

Tip #6: Competition gives you Power

Whenever you can create the illusion of having options … your proposition suddenly appears a lot more attractive.

Tip #7: Time Can Be Your Friend

Remember … 80% of the concessions occur in the least 20% of the Negotiation. So, find out the other side’s deadline.

Bonus Tip: Remember to use Silence!

Whenever you ask a “closing question”, simply pause. Yes, it may seem like an eternity. But when the other side finally speaks … invariably, you’ll find they will commit themselves.

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