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I HAVE BEEN ASKED countless times about the secrets to a successful negotiation. And I want to share with you the key elements to help make your negotiations more effective.

But first, just watch this short video to gain a quick understanding of these three essential elements that form the foundation of every negotiation.

Once you fully grasp the Art of Negotiating, you will have the ultimate Passport to Success.

However, becoming a master negotiator requires the mastery of various strategies, tactics, and nuances. The good news is that all of these skills are teachable and can be learned quickly and effortlessly.

In my more than 40 years of experience as a negotiator, I have encountered and used nearly every negotiating technique out there.

I have tested and noted down the ones that work, and now you can read all about them in “Your A to Z of Negotiating.”

Allow me to walk you through the first item on the list, which is “Agendas.”

Every negotiator goes into a negotiation with their own agenda, but the mistake most people make is assuming that their agenda is the same as the other party’s.

In my years of negotiating, I have never seen two identical agendas. While there may be some common items, their order of importance will invariably differ.

Understanding what is on the other party’s agenda is crucial in achieving your ultimate objective. It allows you to trade your “lesser” items strategically while working towards a Win-Win outcome.

The biggest mistake you can make is allowing the negotiation to focus solely on price, as this leads to one party losing and the other winning.

There are only four possible outcomes for every negotiation, and your goal should be to take control of the negotiation process and steer it towards a win-win result.


This ensures that the deal will remain strong, while as the documentation is being prepared.

Bottom Line: If you genuinely want to improve your negotiating skills, I invite you to enrol in my MasterClass on Negotiating.

In the meantime, I have compiled 20 vital questions that you should ask yourself to create the right framework for a great outcome.

Simply provide me with your details, and I will email you a copy of these questions as my New Year gift to you.

I hope you find this valuable, in your pursuit of becoming a top negotiator.

Best wishes …

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