Need a Personal Mentor?

There is only a limited number of people I can personally Mentor … in order to ensure the individual one-on-one advice and guidance they require.

CPGlogoAnd so, as you would appreciate … there may only be a handful of positions left available within my Commercial Property Gold mentor program.

Simply go across there now and (if it’s not oversubscribed) watch a short Video – to see if this is the personal training you’re looking for.

If you’re still able to secure a spot … you will also receive a 40% rebate on my professional fees – whenever you decide to enlist my help, in finding a suitable property.

And if the current intake happens to be filled … just pop your details on the wait list, so I can let you know as soon as a position becomes available.

However, you may now feel you’re already to purchase a commercial property.

More insider info …

header layer 2Much of what I do — both with Commercial property and in running my own business – constantly takes advantage of the latest in cutting-edge strategies and ideas.

As such, a number of enterprising clients had asked if they could get their hands on a lot of this material – so they can also put it to use for themselves, within their own businesses.

Once again, take a look yourself. And let me know if you feel it may be helpful for you as well.