Basic Wisdom

There’s just ONE question that always keeps coming up: “Where can I get my hands on reliable material about Commercial property?”

While you may be able to find loads about US property … there’s very little for an Investor about Australian Commercial property.

CPME-Cover-210-3DAnd it’s this Basic Wisdom that most people are wanting – without having to wade through all the usual fluff and hype. CL-Book-3D

Perhaps the best place for you to begin would be by reading a copy of one of my latest two Books.

You will discover they adopt a very hands-on, use-tomorrow approach. And cover everything from starting out … to how you can own and manage, a large portfolio of properties.

Now, how about a Regular Podcast?

PatchTo augment everything you’ll be learning from the Book, you may care to listen to a Podcast discussing virtually every aspect you need to know about Commercial property.

These podcasts are completely FREE … and are intended ONLY for genuine investors in Commercial property.

Transcripts NOW Available …

PB1-25Cover-3D-200Many people have been pestering me to provide a transcript of the various episodes. And so, I’ve made a start.

You can grab a copy now of the First 25 Episodes – to read all the details at your leisure.