The Docklands Opportunity

The Light-Court saves on Outgoings and adds a spatial excitementOnce again, it would appear that the recent School Holidays has meant a number of you may have also missed seeing the details on this rather unique office building — fronting Collins Street, within the Victoria Harbour precinct.

You’ll find it contains some of the most up-to-date environmental components, and it’s certainly worth a closer look — if only to keep you abreast of the very latest technology being used, with Commercial property development.


Your Docklands Opportunity!

The new location for your Office ... "Lifestyle Working" at 838 Collins Street
Over the past month, I have been explaining how a high NABERS “green-rating” can have a positive impact on the future growth for your Commercial property.

And you will recall, this can affect both your rental AND capital growth.

The other day, I had the chance to attend a private briefing about this
soon-to-be-constructed Lifestyle Working TM at 838 Collins Street
in Docklands.

It’s going to be a very impressive Building, which will take the concept of Environmental and Energy saving to a whole new level.

As an owner of Commercial property, you need to find out more about this.

And for my Clients wanting to purchase one or more of these Office suites … I have managed to extract a rather attractive deal from the Developers.

Why not go across now and take a look?