It’s great you’re on board …



Because you are now a CPME Investor

And whether you currently own a Commercial property is irrelevant. The important thing is you possess the mindset outlined in The Manifesto.

As such, my sole aim is to help you build a solid portfolio in the years ahead.

To help you make a start, I have also included a further “unannounced” Bonus for you.

Normally, my latest interactive book (which became an Amazon Bestseller) sells for $30.

However, I’d like you to have a PDF copy for just $1 – to celebrate you joining the CPME Investor Tribe.

When you go to the Order page … simply insert the word “tribe” in the Coupon section – so you can grab your copy at the discounted price.

You’ll find the book will provide you with a solid foundation for many of the things we will cover going forward.

Hidden Opportunities

In the Manifesto, I also mentioned how you need to be alert to unseen opportunities … which always seem to emerge whenever we have one of those so-called “Adverse Events”.

I will be releasing a full article on this shortly – but just wanted you to have advance notice of the graphics, which clearly confirm potential opportunities.

Anyway, make sure you grab a copy of the eBook … and I’ll certainly be in touch again soon.

Best wishes …