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“Ever Wondered Why Your Marketing Dollar No Longer Produces The Great Results You Have Come To Expect?”

WHY NOT pause for a moment … and just think about how you currently implement your Marketing strategies?

You may engage in some direct marketing, and even use a little PR. Yet, you’ll probably find most of your Marketing takes the form of Media Advertising – where part of the underlying aim is to help establish and build your firm’s Brand in the marketplace.

And in the process of doing so

  1. This will be pitching towards the public-at-large.
  2. Your efforts seek to interrupt the reader.
  3. The relationship you have is basically one-way.
  4. And that relates only to selling your ‘products’.
  5. Once each campaign ends, your desired effect (and impact) then totally vanishes.
  6. Ad Agencies strive to out-create – maybe with an award in mind.
  7. You consider Advertising, Direct Mail & PR … as quite different activities.
  8. You see them as related … but with different aims & expectations.

Sadly, by clinging to this traditional approach … you no longer seem to be achieving the same results you’ve been used to in years past.

And that’s because the Internet has now transferred control squarely into the hands of your Prospects, Customers and Clients.

Whereas you could once profitably adopt “Push” (outbound) Marketing as your primary approach in the past … that’s unfortunately, no longer the case.

This power shift means that “Pull” (inbound) Marketing strategies now dominate.

By way of example …

Perhaps the best way for you to fully appreciate this would be by watching part of the recent “Old Spice” campaign on YouTube – where they were able to totally re-position one of the very original and long-established brands of after-shave.

And it’s already been viewed by well over 50 million people.

As this video demonstrates … the really savvy marketers are
achieving most of their results “under the radar”.

And you’ll also appreciate, that means you’re now able to keep your competitors completely in the dark, as to exactly what you are doing … while, at the same, capturing that strategic advantage you’re seeking.

Therefore, if you choose not to embrace this massive shift in how your Marketing message needs to be delivered … THEN you’re doing so at your peril.

“It’s a fantastic time to enter the business world, because business is going to change more in the next 10 years than in the last 50.”
…………………………………………………………………..BILL GATES

So, what ARE the New Rules for Marketing?

The world of Marketing and Public Relations has changed forever. And what you’ll quickly discover is that …

  1. Marketing is far more than merely “Advertising”.
  2. Your Customers now want reality, NOT hype.
  3. Your Marketing efforts need to be targeted towards specific Audiences.
  4. Your Customers seek involvement – AND at a time of their choosing.
  5. Plus, you’ll only attract and keep your Customers … by using persuasive content to genuinely educate and motivate them – through your regular online presence.

Whereas Marketing used to be one-way AND to the masses … it now needs to be a very personalized, and “on demand”. Basically, you need to start thinking like a publisher.

By now, you’ve gained some understanding of what changes have taken place, during the past 10 years or so. However, by itself, that’s not really of much value.

You also need to know WHY the changes have occurred; and HOW to master them.

To help with that, you can now obtain a White Paper explaining where you are in the current 40-Year Cycle.

Along with what changes you need to make … to turn all of these changes into a strategic advantage for you.

Therefore, if you’re truly serious about wanting to learn how to adopt these new Success Strategies … just fill out your details below, for immediate access to what’s revealed in this report – so you can make a start straight away.

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