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In simple terms, my principal focus is upon …

Helping You Understand AND Master Commercial Property
… By Making Everything Simple and Rewarding


Chris LangHAVING GRADUATED an Economist from Monash University, I’m also a Qualified Valuer and Real Estate Agent – as well as an Auctioneer.

As a 5-year-old child … I was blessed to survive the debilitating physical disease of polio. And as a result of having to overcome that setback, went on to actually excel in a number of A-grade sports.

Probably because of sheer necessity (and without even realising it at the time), Goal Setting became a passion.

From a very early age, discovering what “the RULES” were became a challenge so as to quickly master them, and thereby succeed at each undertaking.

And as you would probably expect … this quickly became the very same approach adopted for my Inner Circle Clients.

From the mid-1970s, I have been a regular Keynote speaker at a range of major business conferences and seminars around Australia.

It is from here (and my various websites) that most investor Clients have obtained their initial guidance in acquiring Commercial property.

As an Amazon bestselling author, I’ve been responsible for 7 Books on Commercial Property. Plus, two books (with my daughter Binny) … teaching students how to take notes, study and pass exams.

The latest Book … Commercial Property Made Easy … reached #1 on Amazon here in Australia. And also made it to #1 on their US Best Seller list.

In addition, you can access a number of detailed home-study courses including … “Mastering Commercial Property” and “Negotiating MasterClass”.

Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of the Commercial Property Investor LAB.

Being the third generation in real estate … I followed the footsteps of my grandfather, Gideon (who founded the firm of Gardner & Lang in 1913) and my father, Deon.

However, it’s my unique take on Commercial property (and how it works) that has probably changed forever, the way people now invest in Commercial property.

Ultimately, this led me to launch CommercialPropertyMadeEasy.com – which provides you with direct access to my other websites.

You see, the idea is to help you explore creative solutions to handle those tough decisions – which are needed for you to reach the success you’re hoping to achieve.

And much of that has been covered in my popular full-day Workshops, which Clients eagerly look forward to each year.

This is where my deceptively simple 9-Step Investment Formula for Commercial Property Success was first revealed – to just a handful of Investors.

In May 2005, I sold my business to GrayJohnson running their Acquisition Division until June 2009 … while ‘bedding down’ all my valued property management clients.

Today, I operate under the Property Edge Australia banner.

Just CLICK to gain accessThis allows me to continue as a personal coach and advisor for Commercial investors – both here in Australia, and also from overseas.

From there, Commercial Property GOLD was launched – mentoring a small, hand-picked group of investors … to help them master Commercial property.

You can now download my App: The HiReturn Filter … which shows you how to quickly match your 8 Investment Objectives with your 12 Buying Criteria – so as to shortlist your potential properties, in just a few minutes.

Interestingly, other Real Estate agencies are now seeking help in implementing the various ‘patented’ Web Marketing strategies – personally developed and refined, since the mid-1990s.

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