Key Training

For those Serious about Commercial Property Investing

pro-atm-spalshProbably the best place for you to make a start would be with this FREE short video series – which has been designed to provide you with the fundamentals needed to create a solid foundation, as you move forward.

And after you’ve had a chance to read one of my last two Books to help you obtain an even better grounding … there are several further Courses you may like to consider …

Here you have the opportunity to gain some insider knowledge from an extensive series of Masterclasses (each containing somewhere between 3 to 5 videos).

Discover more about each Masterclass, which is a self-contained presentation running for around 30 minutes.

This Course will take you by the hand and walk you through the 9-Step Investment Formula for Mastering Commercial Property.

The-9-Step-FormulaYou will find it lays out everything for you in an easy-to-follow format … and reveals the proven sequence you need to follow, in order to help ensure your success as a Commercial property investor.

The course shares the path taken by a young couple and a retired business owner … as they discover the secrets behind what it takes to Master Commercial Property.

And also …

The 4th Step on Negotiating is so important, that clients were pleading with me to reveal everything I uncovered and put to use, during my 40+ years in Commercial real estate.

Therefore, I ended up creating this 26-Module Masterclass – so that you can also discover How to Become a Top Negotiator.