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Interested in a City-Fringe Investment?

Late last week, I was given advance notice of a soon-to-be-finalised tenancy, on a 4-year lease — for a brand-new commercial building.

You’re looking at $644,000 as an asking price. However, I’m sure we can do a bit better than that.

So, if you think this would fit within your portfolio … “let me know”:mailto:[email protected], and I can then provide you with some more details.

Mind Bender # 5 : Solution

This month generated a very strong response of correct answers – which was most encouraging.

And, yes, the inscription read: “*_To Tie Horses To_*”!

There was one person who wanted to know if a prize was on offer for getting a couple of the Mind Benders correct. You know, here was I thinking the sheer satisfaction of finding the actual solutions would be enough reward. However, clearly, it’s not!

So, here’s what I’ll do: Whoever submits a correct answer (and is among the first 10 responses) for six of the Mind Benders in any given year … will then receive a prize worthy of that achievement. As all responses are logged and time-dated, that will be an easy task at this end.

And I’ll leave it to you to be quick off the mark, when the Mind Bender for May hits your screen.

Feedback on the Office of the Future

When I made mention of the revolving building planned for Dubai, a couple of people came back to me with some fascinating material.

If you’re interested you can “take a look”: at what’s really going on over there.

Your Office of the Future

Imagine a building that makes oxygen … distils water … produces energy … and changes with the seasons. It’s all possible with the technology we now possess. Yet, in some cases, going “Green” it is simply too cost prohibitive.

However, in Dubai, they now have plans for a completely-revolving, 30-storey Tower — designed by Glen Hawells. And you’ll find that stored solar energy will power the revolving motion.
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Mind Bender # 5 : Roman Discovery

Around the middle of last century, some archaeologists stumbled across this relic, inside the Great Wall that surrounds central Rome.

Try as they might, they were unable to decipher what was written on it — until now.
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