Archives for October 2007

Retail Construction Continues

Australia wide, the level of Retail construction was up by some 17% for the 12-month period to June 2007.

In the main, this involved extensions to existing suburban Shopping Centres; plus some new construction in many of the growth corridors.
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Mind Bender # 11 : Hour Glass Figures

Hour GlassYou have just discovered your watch has broken, and that you only have two Hour Glasses in the house …

> one to measure 4 minutes; and

> another to measure 7 minutes.

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See How Easily You Can Own a City Investment

You can own a 10th floor office Suite for just $235,000.

If you are looking in the $200,000 to $250,00 price range, and want to move away from residential apartments … this could be what your are after.
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Mind Bender # 10 : Solution

Last month only two people managed to come up with the correct solution, as well as the reason why. Therefore, I held back their postings until now.

The answer is that you should certainly take the odds of 30:1 on offer — because your chances of winning the wager are considerably better than that.

Anyway, for those of you still puzzling over the chances of two people having their birthday on the same day in the year, in a room of 23 unrelated people … here’s how you work it out.
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