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Mind Bender # 14 : Solution

Well, this Mind Bender stumped all but one person — Daniel Hayden. So, well done!

Remember … you had to balance 12 nails on top of a single nail, hammered into a block of wood.
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The State of Play!

Soft LandingThe various signals coming through on the economy are mixed. And we continue to hear more doom and gloom from the US.

Australia’s growth is likely to slow a little. However, on balance, we should now experience a soft landing — with the RBA saying this morning, that the rate rises may have done their job; and inflation looked as though it might have peaked.
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So, What is the Market Doing?

With all that has occurred recently as a result of the American Sub-Prime crisis … Property Investors are finding it hard to gauge the current market.

Some are preferring to “sit and wait”. Whereas, others are seeing it as an opportunity to secure a good deal … while the present confusion reigns.

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Mind Bender # 14 : Balancing Act

With the summer holidays and Easter being so close together this year … I decided to hold back on the Mind Benders till now.

nailpuzzle.jpgHere’s one I came across, which is a fantastic lateral thinking puzzle and a great team builder with your family or work colleagues.
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