Mind Bender # 5 : Solution

This month generated a very strong response of correct answers – which was most encouraging.

And, yes, the inscription read: “*_To Tie Horses To_*”!

There was one person who wanted to know if a prize was on offer for getting a couple of the Mind Benders correct. You know, here was I thinking the sheer satisfaction of finding the actual solutions would be enough reward. However, clearly, it’s not!

So, here’s what I’ll do: Whoever submits a correct answer (and is among the first 10 responses) for six of the Mind Benders in any given year … will then receive a prize worthy of that achievement. As all responses are logged and time-dated, that will be an easy task at this end.

And I’ll leave it to you to be quick off the mark, when the Mind Bender for May hits your screen.

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