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Construction Climate – Australia and NZ

In its Construction Cost Commentary for January 2007, the Rider Hunt offices report tendering activity continues to surge in most Australian cities, Sydney being the only location bucking the trend. In New Zealand, sustained levels of Building Consents and the coming on-line of some major projects indicate continued high levels of activity in 2007.

What I’ve done is to bring you some extracts from that report, And you’ll notice that Brisbane, Perth and Darwin are currently the strongest markets.
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Mind Bender #3 : Answers

A while ago, several people suggested I needed to “raise the bar” a little. And, judging from responses to date … it seems this Mind Bender may have slowed few of them down.

Here are the Answers …
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Mind Bender # 3 : The Versatile No. 7

A few people suggested the last Mind Bender might have been too easy. So, here’s something to mull on over the weekend.

A large part of your success will come from your ability to combine the familiar aspects of what you deal with, in a completely new and more profitable way.
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Australia’s Skills Shortage — Relief in Sight

You would have seen a fair amount of publicity about there being a looming skills shortage. And with the Construction industry, it still remains a dominant concern.

However, a recent survey conducted by Davis Langdon suggests there is a “glimmer of hope, with varying degrees of easing recorded across all trades.”
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