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Mind Bender # 13 : Solution

Most people managed to get it right … well, nearly.

PencilA few of you thought it might be a pen — but the minute or two “recovery time” refers to a quick sharpening of a Pencil, after the fall. Whereas a pen (or Biro) may actually fail to work again.

Anyway, it was good to see so many respond this time. And I’ll have a new hands-on Bender in January — to get the whole family involved.

Mind Bender # 13 : Incredible Planning Tool?

Here’s the specification for probably the most incredibly sophisticated planning & communications tool yet invented …
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Mind Bender # 12: Solution

My apologies for not providing you with the solution before now. However, the past few weeks have been rather hectic.

You needed to sit back and think on this Mind Bender.

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All the Best for Christmas

As with he past few years, we are making a donation to both The Smith Family and the Melbourne City Mission … rather than fell some more trees, and spend the money on postage.

p=. Nativity at Christmas

p=. However, I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas … and that, together, we can make 2008 an even better year.

And my warm wishes to you and all of your family.

p=. Fondest regards … Chris