Commercial Property Central


AS A COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INVESTOR, you don’t really want to be hunting all over the place — trying to find the key information you need, to help guarantee your success.

Many of you may be aware that I actually have 8 separate websites — each one covering a different aspect of Commercial property investing.

And therein lies the problem.

They are separate, stand-alone websites. All of them contain valuable material — but are probably hard for you to find, without me pointing you in their direction.

The Obvious Solution

If you care to go to the new home page for this website, you’ll notice all this available information has now been grouped (and summarised) under six different segments.

This means, you’re now able to quickly review what’s available … decide exactly what you might need right now … and then, easily access that particular aspect.

And it’s ALL on hand … grouped together, in just one spot.

Of course, you can go through everything at your leisure. However, it may help if you were to be given a quick overview of each segment.

1. Essential Info

You’ll be able to download three eBooks and watch a short Video … each containing vital information, which every Commercial property investor needs to know. And all of it for FREE.

2. Background Wisdom

Here you can grab a copy of my latest book … “How Investing in Commercial Property Really Works”. Together with access to my FREE weekly Podcasts.

3. Training Courses

This segment provides you with two homestudy Courses:

  • Commercial Property Secrets (covering my 9-Step Investment Formula)
  • Negotiating Master Class (detailing the A-Z of Negotiating)
4. Investor Tools

These include the Investor LAB, my Final Judgement software and the Hi-Return Filter App. All of which are being made available at no cost — as part of my Mentor Program.

5. A Personal Mentor?

Following a number of requests, I recently launched a Mentor Program — and this filled up very quickly. However, more positions will no doubt be made available from time to time.

6. Property Investing

When you’re ready to make a purchase, and still feel you may need assistance … this is where you can enlist my help.

Bottom Line: Not everyone is at exactly the same stage with their investment knowledge. Nor, in their readiness to step into the market.

Hence the decision to bring all of this together for you in one central spot — available for easy access, whenever the need arises.