Handy Tool for Commercial Property Owners

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OWNERS juggle so things every day … from negotiations with potential tenants to tracking income and expenses. 

BMT’s free,easy-to-use MyBMT portal is something every commercial property owner should have in their tool kit – because it allows them to manage their investment and depreciation needs with ease.

Take Control of Your Tax Depreciation Schedules

A tax depreciation schedule can be managed from start to finish with MyBMT. Commercial property owners can now request and accept schedule quotes through the portal AND can also lodge a revision of their schedules. 

Once you receive a tax depreciation schedule, you can share it with your investment property team, directly through MyBMT.

For example, they can link their accountant to their MyBMT account, who can then access the schedule directly – making tax time so much quicker and easier!

Tracking and Logging Your Income & Expenses

Managing your depreciation schedules isn’t the only thing commercial property owners can do with MyBMT. 

The new and improved ‘income and expenses’ section of MyBMT makes tracking and logging every detail that much easier. As an owner, you can upload your records with a click of a button – so there’s no need to keep stacks of paperwork and receipts.

MyBMT also Offers You Much More

There are multiple innovative features on MyBMT to assist you throughout your investment journey. The insights and research tool, PropCalc, Direct Info and BMT Insurance (plus much more) are all available for free in MyBMT. 

Anyhow, you can check out why thousands are already using MyBMT. And also learn more about the other MyBMT services. 

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