Never Underestimate …
“The Value of Your Firm”

On several occasions over the past fortnight … I have had to give this very same advice. And so, I thought it might be worthwhile exploring this in some detail with you.

What we’re actually referring to are the times when you need to relocate your Firm’s headquarters. And in the process, unwittingly forego considerable benefits that are rightly yours.

h3. How often does this occur?

For some of you, this may only happen once your Business life. For others, it can be more frequent … depending upon your natural expansion, or the acquisitions you may make along the way.

Prudent Corporate advisers will tell you not to tie up your funds in property (to return you between 10% to 14% per annum over all) … when you are more likely to earn 20% to 30% per annum, from your current business activities.

It might surprise you … but I have no quarrel with that. It’s perfectly sound advice; and tends to make your Firm less of a target for takeover.

However, that does not mean you shouldn’t take full advantage of your Corporate covenant, whenever the opportunity arises for you to relocate your premises.

h2. Large Offices and Distribution Firms

Suburban OfficeWhen you’re talking about “Large” firms … that doesn’t just mean “Listed” companies.

Basically, it would include any well-established suburban firm … with a good trading record.

And when you do move into new premises, more often than not it involves you in either …

# Leasing an existing building; or
# Pre-committing to a purpose-built structure.

In both these cases, who do you really think benefits from the long lease you will be entering into?

h3. Clearly, it is the owner (or developer) of that particular property!

Sure, you may end up with fabulous brand-new premises. However, the strength of your lease covenant puts additional money directly into their pockets — while you seldom reap any significant financial benefit from the overall deal.

And yet, that need not be the case!

NEXT WEEK: You’ll discover just how easy it is for you to receive the financial gain that duly belongs to you — whenever you need to move your Business to a new location.

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