8 Key Steps in Acquiring Commercial Property


FOR SOME INVESTORS, the question is: “Where do I start?” And that’s a reasonable question — when buying Commercial property is not your mainstream activity.

So, let’s quickly dissect the process …

1. Shortlisting your Possibilities

This involves both market research, as well as matching up your Investment Objectives. And to help you … I’ve put together a FREE App, which walks you through how to do this in a flash.

2. The Final Judgement

This is where you take the 18 components behind a thorough Financial Analysis, and distil them down into a single figure — being the Internal Rate of Return. This then enables you to quickly compare your opportunities, on an after-tax basis.

3. Ensure you don’t Overpay

Unlike with Residential, Commercial property doesn’t always value up at what you pay for it. Therefore, you need a mechanism in place … to provide you with the correct figure BEFORE you commit to purchase.

4. Negotiating the Best Deal

Once again, this can prove difficult for most people — particularly, when you’re not purchasing property every day. So, here’s something that will help you become a Master Negotiator.

5. Validating your Purchase

You may think you’ve just bought a really great property. But you should still reserve the right to confirm that — particularly, for properties worth around $1 million or more.

6. Locking in your Loan Terms

Many investors tremble at the thought of applying for finance. That’s purely because they haven’t discovered one simple trick — how to take control of the valuation. That way, you can turn the tables; and have the lenders competing for your business.

7. Setting up your Tax Benefits

Depreciation is a very handy non-cash deduction, to help in reducing your taxable income. Therefore, knowing how to maximise your claims each year is vital.

8. Adding Value

Once settlement has taken place, you now need to start implementing the plans you devised — when carrying out your earlier analysis for that property. This is where you beginning to generate your super growth.

Bottom Line: None of this is overly complicated; in fact, it’s really just common sense.

And to help master these steps you may care to explore my Commercial Property Secrets homestudy course. Then, I will explain how you can also join my Commercial Property Gold mentor Group — to fast track your progress.